Dear Stakeholders:

As you already know, Forus’ main concern is to protect its stakeholders, who through fundamental values and loyalty, desire for improvement, team work, innovation and a constant dedication to the work they perform, seek to obtain results in an honest, just, legal and transparent way.

Therefore, the executives as well as the workers or any person who is related in general to Forus S.A., have the task to firmly safeguard their values, those of the Company and of the Enterprise, maintaining a position in accordance with the values and interests of conducting themselves in an ethically correct manner, having to strictly comply with the moral norms and legislation in force in the country that may correspond.

For this reason we are providing for all our stakeholders communication channels so that any person related to Forus and its business, may communicate or report in a safe and anonymous way all the acts that are not adjusted to the conducts described above.

The communication channels are:
- Letter sent to Casilla N° 520, Buzón Denuncia Forus S.A., La Florida Stgo.
- Complaints Box installed in the DepartmentalCoffee ShopandDistribution Center Cafeteria
- Complaints Box in the web and intranet

The information received shall be analyzed and investigated by the Ethics Committee of the company.

We hope this communications cannel is well received.

Sincerely yours,
Forus S.A.



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