Chile’s CyberDay 2020: Forus e-commerce sales grow 111%

Forus’ e-commerce sales grew 111% during Chile’s CyberDay 2020, compared to the same event last year, driven by strong growth at Forus’ own websites and sales from third-party marketplaces. The growth rate is notable when compared to the average growth rate of the event, reported by the Santiago Chamber of Commerce (CCS), which organized CyberDay 2020. According to the CCS, Chile’s CyberDay 2020, which took place from August 31 to September 2 with the participation of 568 websites, reported sales that grew by 53% compared to the same event last year, reaching US $ 368 million.

At Forus, this CyberDay was also the first since we completed the migration of all of our websites to a new worldclass e-commerce platform, which performed exceptionally well during the event, in terms of stability and robustness, with the surge in traffic and transaction volumes; the platform was also an effective and flexible tool which allowed us to easily apply promotional campaigns and strategic graphics for each of our websites throughout the event. All of the above contributed to higher sales growth. We also note that the number of sessions on mobile devices increased by 78% in this event, that more than half of our CyberDay 2020 customers were new customers and that returning customers increased their average sales ticket by 15%.