Forus’ e-commerce grew 179% in 2Q20, reaching 89% of DTC sales in Chile

In Chile, digital sales (from owned e-commerce websites and third-party marketplaces), grew profitably by 179% YoY this quarter and reached 89% of total DTC revenues in Chile (DTC includes physical stores, owned e-commerce websites and third-party marketplaces). E-commerce sales in Chile represented 72% of total sales in Chile in 2Q20. At the subsidiaries, Forus’ e-commerce growth rates were even higher, demonstrating the scalability of the digital operations: Uruguay grew 373% YoY; Colombia (Forus Colombia + LBC) saw online sales multiply by 20x YoY; and in Peru e-commerce sales increased 60x (in Peru we refer to June sales, which is when restrictions on online deliveries
were lifted).