Ranking Top 100: The best companies to invest


This year, Forus was twice winner in the category Best Investor Relations Mayor Medium Liquidity Securities and Retail Sector Value Creation. A story that does not take them by surprise, especially for the expansion plan being implemented by the company a couple of years ago, that led to the opening of 64 new stores in 2014 to reach a total of 485, divided between Chile, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay.

For CEO Gonzalo Darraidou, success is due to “the passion of the company to create brand value, for each of its brands, every day, and also for having a culture that strives for excellence in retail. We strengthen brands that are having a great time and continue to expand our coverage to more store openings, so as to offer to our consumers, fresh and innovative products in attractive stores. ”

During 2014 Forus made two important new acquisitions, Billabong for Chile and Peru, and 7veinte in Chile, which meant reaching a new consumer. “The idea is to always deliver a superior shopping experience, offering a portfolio of strong brands and valued by our customers,” says Darraidou. And as evidenced by the momentum within the company, with consolidated sales growth of 21% over the previous year and EBITDA reached 49.667 million pesos.

Despite the good figures achieved, the 2015 scenario is not very encouraging for retail. “It looks more complex due to the rise in the exchange rate and the slowdown that the economy is showing. To this we must add the negative impact on consumption that is causing the late arrival of winter. Given this, we are focused on creating strategies to face this new scenario,” the executive says.

The company intends to keep its investors informed of all this scenarios in an efficient and transparent manner, this earned them been elected as the company with the best Investor Relations team market in the category Medium Stock Market Liquidity.

“Having a great team that understands the business in depth, studies what happens in Chile and the world and knows and understands what is coming” is, according to Darraidou, the key to have earned this recognition. “Communications with investors have been characterized by transparency, clear policies, always do the right thing and especially keeping no surprises either good or bad news, adequately anticipate,” adds the executive.