Sebastián Swett: “Because times have changed, Forus announces its new Mission and Purpose”

At Forus, where we just celebrated 40 years of great accomplishments, we decided to reevaluate two fundamental concepts for the future that we aspire to achieve. First, our Mission, which has to do with what we do and who we do it for. The second concept is our Purpose, which has to do with what drives us and why Forus exists.

Our former Mission at Forus was “To be leaders in specialty retail, in the footwear, apparel and accessories categories, both in Chile and abroad, by being preferred by our consumers”.

Because times have changed, the Forus’ new Mission is: To contribute to peoples’ happiness, by inspiring them to live healthier, more active and sustainable lives.

And Forus’ new Purpose is: To constantly amaze our customers with the best brands and products, so that our customers can create their own unique experiences, inspired by the environment and by their communities, guided by sustainability. We can only achieve all of this by having the best, most talented people, working together on cohesive teams, so that we can contribute to fulfilling everyone’s dreams on a daily basis.

“I am sure that with this new Mission and Purpose, for the new times we are living in, in which our industry is undergoing a revolution, Forus will have happier customers and the people who work at Forus will also be happier, and we will all be able to contribute positively to this planet”, said Sebastián Swett, CEO of Forus.