Communication and Whistleblower Channel

Forus is extremely focused on retaining and protecting our employees. We believe that our employees, through their fundamental values, consistency, self-improvement, teamwork, innovation, and dedication, should seek to achieve results in an honest, fair, legal and transparent manner.

As a result, our executives and employees in general, should remain true to their values and the values of the company, and make sure that their actions are in accordance with the values and interests of Forus, which must be ethical strictly comply with the local legislation, in particular, with labor laws and regulations.

In line with this, FORUS has a Whistleblower and Communication Channel, both for Chile and its Subsidiaries, which is managed by an external company that provides an independent, secure and confidential service. Access to this channel can be found at and intranet. This platform:

  • Receives and classifies anonymous and non-anonymous complaints.
  • Establishes a relationship with the whistleblower.
  • Ensures the anonymity of the whistleblower, unless he/she chooses to provide contact information.
  • All information uploaded to the system is confidential.

We also have a physical Whistleblower and Communication Mailbox, located at the entrance of the Maipú Distribution Center and in the cafeteria in the San Francisco DC.

FORUS expressly prohibits retaliation against those who, acting in good faith, make complaints, appear as witnesses, or assist and/or participate in an investigation.