Forus eCommerce grew 63% in 2019, reaching 8% of retail sales in Chile

2019 was a transformational year for Forus regarding our omnichannel strategy, since the Company implemented several projects that continued to raise our level of customer service and, at the same time, achieving greater operational efficiencies. Thanks to these initiatives, our e-commerce revenues in Chile grew 62.8% and reached a weight on sales of 8.0% (DTC) in 2019, almost doubling the 4.5% (DTC) of last year.

This year, for example, the real-time, integrated inventory project was launched, integrating inventory from the distribution center and stores, with updates every five minutes, for sale on our websites. Also this year, the new version of the Forus App was launched, a tool for our sales force that centralizes omnichannel sales and dispatch operations in a single interface, among other things. With the Forus App, the seller of one of our physical stores can, for example, accept an order that comes from one of our websites and then coordinate the dispatch from the store (ship from store). This year we also activate Click & Collect (buy online and withdraw in store) on all our websites in Chile and enable C&C in the +130 stores we have in the Metropolitan Region (the seller also coordinates these transactions with its Forus App). Additionally, a new Forus App functionality was launched, called the Consumer Experience, which allows our sellers to search for a product among the inventory of all the stores and the distribution center, if a customer does not find the product they need. Located the product with the Forus App, the seller then makes the sale with home delivery or Click & Collect.

Also in 2019 the transition of our websites to a new eCommerce platform began. This platform has Smart Checkout technology that does not require registration to make a purchase, which streamlines the transaction flow, helping customers to have a less frictionful experience. In addition, the tool now has the alternative of activating multiple payment methods natively and provides additional benefits, such as its robust promotional engine. During 2020 the transition of the sites to the new platform will be completed.