Forus wins IMPULSA Talent Award 2019

Forus was distinguished today with the first place in the consumer category of the IMPULSA Talent Feminine Prize, organized by Fundación ChileMujeres, PwC Chile and Diario Pulso. The IMPULSA prize seeks to identify and highlight companies from various sectors that promote the inclusion of women in the workplace, through a high rate of recruitment and development of them in the company.

The award ceremony included presentations by Isabel Plá, Minister for Women and Gender Equity, and Felipe Larraín, Minister of Finance. A conversation panel was also held with the participation of Francisca Jünemann, President and Co-founder of the Fundación ChileMujeres; Mauricio Larraín, Commissioner of the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF); Bernardo Larraín, President of the Manufacturing Development Corporation (SOFOFA); and Renso Corona, principal partner of PwC Chile.

IMPULSA evaluates the companies according to the public information of the CMF based on the General Standard No. 386, which provides for the disclosure of information related to matters of social responsibility and sustainable development. The factors evaluated include the number of female workers over the total number of female workers in the organization and the number of female managers over the total number of female workers in the organization. This year IMPULSA evaluated the 100 largest companies that report to the CMF in Chile and awards were given to companies from 11 different areas.

Forus stood out for the leading role played by women in its Board of Directors, in positions of top management, in its stores and, transversally, through the whole company. In Chile, of the total number of workers, 49.5% are women and 50.5% are men; At the level of the total company, including its subsidiaries in Peru, Uruguay and Colombia, this weighting rises to 54% women and 46% men. It is also worth mentioning that this year Macarena Swett and Catalina Cabello, both commercial engineers with outstanding professional careers, were integrated into the Board of Forus. “What is important for us, is that gender equality is lived on a day-to-day basis, that it is part of our culture, and that being a woman or a man is not a topic. The important thing is motivation, skills and talent, ” explains Marisol Céspedes, Deputy General Manager of Forus, who just turned 22 years in the company. “This obviously has to be supported by family-friendly policies, such as the implementation of flexible schedules, for example. In our opinion, this policy benefits both women and men, in line with our philosophy of equity, ” adds the manager.