About Us

Forus is a chilean leader in retail with 40 years in the market, present in Latin America in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay, with specialized brands in footwear, apparel and accessories, with a total of 519 stores. We are a company that produces, imports, designs, markets and distributes products from top international and domestic brands. The cornerstones of our company are the strength of our brands, our retail, the excellent quality of our products and designs, our people and the contact with our consumers. It is essential for us to be close to our consumers, anticipating their needs and providing the best shopping experience and service with a skilled sales staff. This means that our brands are always in demand. However, the main pillar is our consolidated team, composed of professionals, technicians, sales force and employees, is the main pillar through which we project our growth and vision. Marketing is a very powerful tool for us. Our focus on excellence, and interesting and attractive portfolio of brands to our consumers, will allow us to continue building a leading company with retail expertise in Latin America.